What is MELT, you ask? And why would you want to do it? We all have experienced pain and stiffness in our bodies that we chalk up to aging or normal wear-and-tear. Wouldn't it be great to reverse those pains, and even improve our sleep and nervous system function? Through the use of simple, specially-designed tools and techniques, MELT allows you to improve the hydration and function of your connective tissue, or fascia, which decreases pain and increases ease of movement, energy, and restful sleep. 

Another excellent reason to MELT now? There is no better time than today to start reversing the aches and pains that accumulate with each day, as well as helping cope with stresses of modern life. The great news is that improving the health and function of your fascia, using the MELT Method, has a very direct effect of helping your body shift from the sympathetic mode (fight or flight, high alert) to the parasympathetic mode of functioning (rest, digest and restore). Any time, and especially right now, we can use every opportunity to help our bodies move from anxiety and stress to healing and restoration.

I am beyond excited to be able to offer in-person workshops and classes again, now at Shine Yoga Center in Hyde Park! Beginning in January 2024 I have several 2-hour workshops scheduled and then will take you on a deeper dive into the precise techniques of the Hand and Foot treatments and Full-body Roller treatments through 4-class workshop series in February. Looking ahead, I plan to have ongoing classes available. All the current info and registration for workshops and classes can be found at ShineYoga.com. While you are there, check out all the wonderful yoga classes they offer! I can personally attest to the wonderful experience these classes are.

There are also several options to care for yourself using the simple, effective techniques of MELT safely in the comfort of your home!

  • MELT on Demand - this is a subscription to over 350 videos that Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT Method, and a few other excellent teachers have personally filmed to teach all the MELT moves from very beginners through advanced MELT Performance (Neurostrength). I highly recommend checking this out. Sue offers a free trial period for you to explore and experience MELT on Demand. 
  • MELT live via Facebook - Sue has frequently been going Facebook Live with MELT moves to teach, as well as sharing valuable information and insights about these amazing bodies we inhabit. She typically also answers questions that people submit during the session. And her sweet cat participates, since she is also working from home. :) MELT Method Facebook page

I don't have the MELT roller and balls. What are my options?

Many people ask if they can use the foam roller they have, or a golf or lacrosse ball. The short answer is "no." The MELT tools are softer. This is a more subtle technique designed to gently re-hydrate your fascia. The high-density foam rollers and hard balls have a different purpose entirely and do not work with the MELT techniques.

Here's how you can get them: You can order directly through the MELT Method website using My MELT link to the MELT store, or using my coupon code at checkout (DynamicBalance@MELT). I am grateful if you use my link, as your cost is the same, and I receive a percentage of the sale which helps offset the cost of my continued training. -or- You can buy directly from me. I have a limited supply on hand of the rollers, hand and foot ball kits, DVD sets and books that I can have available at classes. My price is similar to the website, except I absorb shipping and handling since I order in bulk.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or would like to buy MELT products from me.