About Me

My life's journey has included many and varied experiences that have had a profound influence on the choices I have made.  If you took random snapshots from my life, you would see me involved in sports, music, office work, teaching, parenting, and through it all, dealing with chronic pain.  My own experience with the healing power of my body, when addressed through various types of bodywork, as well as the healing I have witnessed in others, led me to pursue training in massage therapy.

I received my diploma from SHI Integrative Medical Massage School in Lebanon, Ohio, where I was honored to learn the science and art of massage from leaders in the field.  I have also completed extensive training and certification in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, which is a very targeted approach to evaluating and treating soft tissue pain and dysfunction. While Swedish massage is the basis of my work, I draw from a number of techniques to best meet your unique needs. Relieving low back and hip pain, shoulder and neck pain, and jaw pain are some of my specific areas of focus.

I believe deeply in the healing potential that we each have within us and that our bodies naturally seek a state of homeostasis.  I am committed to honoring each person's unique body and life story.  My work is to support you in your journey towards balanced wholeness, as you reach for higher levels of painfree living.  While a major focus is to select the soft tissue manipulation techniques that work most effectively for your structure, I also feel strongly that it is my job to educate and help you become aware of what is happening in your body.  You are the only expert on your own body.  The rest of us on your health care team are support staff.

What are others saying about my work? 

"I've been seeing Naomi for massage on a regular basis for over 1 1/2 years now and I highly recommend her for anyone in need of medical massage.  For 10 years I had chronic neck, shoulder, and arm pain and could barely turn my head to the right.  I was searching for a massage therapist who I could trust to release the tension and spasms that were causing my pain without causing more pain in the process.

I knew Naomi was special during my first massage session. She has a special gift of intuitive touch. She gently introduces her touch and waits for my muscles to invite her to go deeper. Her hands are guided intuitively to where my body needs to unwind and release tension along with the pain.  After a few months of massage with Naomi, my neck relaxed and I could turn it to the right easily without any pain in my shoulders or arms. Since then I see her every 2-4 weeks to keep my muscles supple and relaxed. I still overdo it at times and stress leads to muscle spasms and pain but I know Naomi is always there to help me. I'm also impressed with Naomi's continuing education in the healing arts. Her skills are more advanced every time I see her." - Sue C.